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Question - IDE SCM problems



I am currently trying to set up my GMS2 for use with source control. I have yet to successfully configure GMS2 where SCM is entirely functional from within the IDE. I can commit to a local repository on my hard drive from IDE, but I can not seem to commit to the online repository on my GitHub account unless I do it manually through the GitHub desktop app. I have not had much luck finding clear documentation. I found the documentation for 1.4 and the Git plugin. The only thing I found on GMS2 and SCM.

So here is what I have done.

1) Used Source Control Menu/Create Repository - (Successfully Created it says)
2) Source Control Menu/Commit. Staged all, added a comment, and committed. (success)
3) Source Control Menu/Push (to push changes to online repository) but Push is grayed out. Why?

I can not figure out what I am doing wrong here. Maybe it's something super simple, likely user error on my part. Or...do I still need to use another client such as Tortoise or the GitHub desktop client?

Thank you for any help, I am really at a loss here.


YoYo Games Staff
GMC Elder
When you picked Create Repository you created a local Git repository which doesn't need to be pushed or pulled from instead you only need to Commit to it, if you wanted to use GitHub or Bitbucket etc then you needed to have picked Import Project Into Repository and this would have pushed your project to that repository and you would then be able to commit and push as you're expecting.


Hi @gnysek thanks for the reply. The preferences/source control items were all filled out. The problem is that I did not know that I had to import it to my online repository until @Yazuka had mentioned it. Thank you both for your help. I have never used git before, so again thank you both for your help! It is very much appreciated. And just fyi, my GMS2 is working just great now with my git. :) :):):):):):):)


I think that IDE would automatically detect SCM projects, as there's always ".git" folder in root in this case... don't know why they don't do it, but there's a lot of thing to complain about SCM.