Android Scavenger Swap (A Match 3 Game available on Android with IOS coming soon!)


Flappy Dappy Games

Hello fellow GMS Forumers! I would like to introduce you the first upcoming release for Flappy Dappy Games, an addictive match 3 game called "Scavenger Swap"

Scavenger Swap has a total of 4 areas each with 100 levels of varying difficulty.

As of this writing the game is available for android public beta, so you can download right now.
IOS is coming asap and, unless major road blocks are hit, we should have that soon.

Development goals before full release: Update:(we've released in the United States and Canada)
-Add leaderboards
-get game on IOS after android is polished
-game play improvements (more exciting destruction items. Bomb is bland right now in our opinion)
-Add unlockables for 100 percenting areas
-Add re-playability by offering players to replay the game or re-set the areas to 0 percent
-Smart hints for purchase (gold coins or IAP)
-New game modes

Feedback on the following topics would be most useful to us:

-What kind of device do you have and how does it play on your device in terms of performance and/or issues?
-Game Play Balance (Is the game too easy, too hard, or just right?)
-glitches and bugs that you can give us feedback on so we can SQUASH them would be great!
-things that bother you? (in the game not in life)
-feature requests?

Thanks ahead of time for downloading the game and giving feedback. It's a big help!

To download the game just follow the opt in link here
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First Impression is very positive. While Match 3 games are not exactly a new idea, i really like the look of it. Gameplay is smooth and didn't encounter any bugs during the first 2 levels. Keep it up!

Flappy Dappy Games

We've released in the United States and Canada for publication on Android. However we are still look for testers from the forum who enjoy match 3 games and are knowledgeable in game design who enjoy giving constructive feedback.
We've updated the beta link in our first post a newer version of the game and we invite feedback. Thanks! :)