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Android Scaling?



Hi! ^^
I have a Puzzle Game I'm working on, all fine except for this annoying "scaling"..

Here's the matter:
Every room in the game has the same size, 1334x768.
If I run the game on my phone, wich is 480x854, everything's ok.
But I tried to run it on another phone, with a much bigger display, and that went wrong :/
The Game runs normally, but the GUI it's not where I want it to be.
Example, there's a board with a text on the screen, the board, wich is an objet drawing it's sprite keeps the original dimension, but the text I'm writing on it via Draw GUI event is smaller on larger screens, making the board something like Enormous.

How do you test your games on different displays?
And, what's a good way to scale the game?
Should I use views? Enable Keep Aspect Ratio?
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