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Discussion in 'Work in Progress' started by Reventador, Jun 26, 2016.

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    Jun 25, 2016
    Hey guys, Tom from Reventador here

    This is my second mobile game, Save The Planet.


    You can check out the website here - Can You Save Us?

    You can see LOTS OF VIDEOS on my twitter here - @ReventadorGames

    It's a game that focuses around stopping astroids from hitting earth and ending humanity.

    However the game plays on an important theme. Too often do we neglect the gradually occurring dangers we face if nothing is done to stop climate change, poverty, xenophobia and racism. The media, movies and even video games all focus on instantaneous forms of destruction to our planet. The nuclear missile to end mankind, the alien invasion that will wipe us off the face of the planet. Even the supersonic astroid, hurling towards earth with the object of disintegrating all life as we know it.

    This game, to me at least, is about reminding players, while an astroid may come along and end our small blip of humanity in relation to the endless cosmic clock. If we don't wake up and acknowledge what we are doing to our planet, we may just do it ourselves.

    OF COURSE - it's a game, so it's meant to be fun and not too serious but I like to think games can have more than just flashing lights and cartoon characters these days. They can have a bit of substance.

    It's going to be out in a couple of weeks on iOS and hopefully Android too!

    I have some iOS alpha keys so drop me a reply here if you'd like to test it.

    It features a few of the things i've written about in the past on the tech blog such as real-time iAP pricing, so I can edit the cost of iAP's based on geo-location. I can also edit the speed of all the ships in real-time at the click of a button - you can read about how I did that on the tech blog here - My real-time cloud pricing & variable post

    The gameplay is really straight forward. Your ships flys around in orbit and it's your job to tap the screen and build barriers to stop incoming astroids. The problem is when you tap the screen and build a barrier, your ship slows down. A lot!

    This means you have to plan your building efforts to in order to reach other astroids incoming from a distance.

    As always, i've kept it relatively ad/iAP free, it's just a simple game for some fun.

    Let me know your thoughts and please do check out my Twitter as I have lots of juicy vids! Also drop a comment below and I shall send some Beta keys for you to play on iOS!

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