iOS Save The Planet: minimal, calming and ruthless for iOS



My long awaited iOS and Android game, Save The Planet has finally hit the stores.

It's been under fire from the critics with some loving the minimal design, calming music and sound effects while others hating the casual progression.

It's a score chaser, but it's chilled and it's hard, REALLY hard.

I would love to hear your thoughts guys.

Download Link for iPad and iPhone:
My website:

If you have any technical questions, like how I have implemented Chartboost, Analytics just ask.

I have also localised the game in 5 languages, so it will change language based on geolocation automatically. So if you want advice on how to do that just drop me a message below.

One last thing, I used Syncano to host lots of data structures in the cloud, after getting tweets in this morning about the game been too slow or complaints the second ship wasn't fast, I changed them on the server and BAM! Instantly on users devices. This is an awesome feature so let me know if you need help on that.