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Saucers From Space is a 2D, city-building arcade game made in the style of early-mid 80's games on the monochrome monitor of the Apple II.

The object of the game is to build up a city and defend it from flying saucers. You start with 1 truck collecting resources, one house, and the AA gun that you control. The levels start easy and increase in difficulty as you go. In between levels is the purchasing phase. Here, you can use the resources you've collected (points, wood, and ore) to purchase more trucks, buildings, and even tanks for reinforcements. Sometimes other buildings are required before you can purchase a particular building. The more items you have at the end of the level, the more bonus points you will collect. Try to build up your city and get the high score!



Fun little game. Really true sounds. Funny I was planning to make a game like this to teach my boy some math.
I like explosions. Brought back some great memories.


Thanks, @Toque, I appreciate the comments.

To be fair, this game could use a bit of polish. Perhaps the lack of polish give it an even more authentic 80's feel, eh? Lol!

Maybe someday I'll work on it some more, but probably not likely, tbh. (Never know, tho.)


I was thinking the game sabotage. I like that you added left and right movement.

maybe add more of a destructible city to protect.

maybe defender style drop and steal people.
Hi - I have just played your game! I just received an email telling me to login to the GM forum or else I will need to re-register and have all of my past posts anonymized! So I decided to try your game.

I really liked it! It is hard to believe that it has not been made by a professional! I think a lot of thought has gone into producing a retro-style game (e.g. the graphics and sound). Also the game is very playable. I think your originality has been to add the trees, houses and trucks as prizes for doing well?

Perhaps my only gripe is that the game screen size is small. Presumably, this is a GameMaker thing/issue?

As an idea to improve the game, perhaps you could have made more use of the trees, houses and trucks etc as part of the gameplay such as telling a story or being an aim of a playing level?

Thanks for sharing your game and good luck with your next project.


Thanks, @Alec Armstrong! I appreciate the comments!

I made this game for a game jam several years ago. I should have polished it up a bit before releasing it as there are a few problems, but old code is hard to fall back into, as you probably may know. Also, this was made in GMS1 and I've moved on to 2. I'd either have to suffer using 1 to work on it, or import it into 2 and then deal with all the compatibility scripts. I'd probably be best off just rewriting the whole thing, tbh.

I agree with you that the window size is too small. There's a hidden "fullscreen mode" you can do by using Alt-Enter. If i do polish it up (or remake it), I'll make sure to add a fullscreen option in the menu.

Again, I appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Red Phantom

Had a play through of the game, pretty fun for a small, monochromatic project. My favorite part of the graphics would have to be the exploding animation of the saucers. I also really like the music.