Windows SANITY [New trailer!!!]

MIchael PS

Hello everyone!
So last weekend we took part in GMTK GameJam. The theme was out of control so we made an atmospheric, storybased shooter, with some horror vibes in it.

The game is called SANITY and you play as a drunk veteran with PTSD trying to kill your unconscious thoughts and retain your sanity... We liked that concept as it de-idolizes the superhuman Vietnam veterans potrayed by holywood and media, while showing the real consequences of the war to one's mind...

Game-play-wise, being drunk you are not able to control your movement and you have to time your shots when the player is still. We did our best with the audio and the visuals to give the player intense feedback and dopamine input whenever he achieves a successful attack...

Some feedback would be awesome!


Check the game here:

1594888044099.png 1594888068857.png

1594888109459.png 1594888178933.png
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Really cool theme...with unique style / graphics.

Smooth controls...I jumped right in without reading the directions...then wondered why my aim was off.
Played again and read the directions and now realize I have better aim when the character is standing still.

Video of me playing your game:

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