Sandman Private Detective

Hi everyone! My name is Dennis, I am here to show you my current game in progress, I had an account here on the forum but i don't know what happened to that XD...
Anyway, I worked on this game for the last two years. I am also a newbie so most of the time was to figure out how to do stuff on Game Maker Studio.
I made the sprites on blender, and also used some cave interior tiles from opengameart.

All models were made on blender 2.79, rigged and animated on Mixamo. The music is all custom made for the game by a friend, Rafael Rivas. Also a friend from Portugal who is an older GM coder is helping me too.

Here are some screencaps, and a poster. A demo is coming soon, on March 14 a link will be posted.

Screen_7.png Screen_4.png

This is the cave interior, btw I am using fake light 3, wich is a nice lightning system, even tought sometimes it gives me a headache XD


This is build 54, i think, it has the old fake light 1


This is an older build too, this is one of the selectable characters, Amelia shooting a zombie

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It looks pretty good. I wonder if the lighting system that gives you headaches is a good choice. Perhaps to rework it a bit......
The lightning system was the fake light 1, it has not a colliding object now in the fake light version 3 now I can set an object and use it for events on the game, sorry for the confusion. I was referring to the first version, also I am not so good at surfaces