Steam Salvation Artifacts - Platform RPG

Salvation Artifacts (provisional title for the project)

The game:

My project is a game that allows the player to travel to a lot of locations in the world (map) to solve puzzles and mysteries. Buy weapons and protections, items and potions to fight against the creatures. Build huts and camps to progress safely. Characters will keep secrets, speak truths and lies. If you take care of people they will reward you. Dialog trees will guide you through the incredible world of one of the largest platform game maps ever created. This is an ambitious project, but with simple gameplay and with a rich content.

The main idea of the story:
Ancient artifacts have had to be hidden inside secret places through the world to ward off the evil that plagued the ancient world. This is the legend that has been taught from parents to children over time. A book found underground while a house was being built revealed an important mission. Artifacts must be found to end the evil that still plagues the land.

The first image (I am taking pictures to create the textures to design the world):


What is "ready":
- The story;
- The places (concept);
- The main dialogues (all the ways and nodes of the story);
- Most of the Player movements and controls (the code);
- How the game deal with rooms and maps;
- Vertex shadows using surfaces and some blending modes;
- Day and night cycle basic algorithm;
- Resolutions, Cameras and zoom (zoom in some situations);

What I am doing now:
- Coding the dialogue system;
- Coding the inventory system;
- Programming some holistic algorithms.
- Starting to make some tests about shaders and changing colors to the day and night cycle;

Characteristics of development:
- Simplicity;
- Clean code;
- Little and simple scripts called by another script creating very complex counts easly for programmer.
- Booleans variables for flexibility and easy-to-read code - because computing is all about 0-1 (people forget it sometimes);
- Simple mechanics, but huge content and story;
- Art from reality;
- Details sometimes unperceptible for the casual player;

I hope you enjoy my series here!

I will be back soon with news about player mechanics, how the world works...
Thank You!

Vinnicius Silva da Rosa
Santa Maria, RS - Brazil.
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Hello developers!

I am here again to show you more about my game!
I decided to show you more "behind the scenes". I hope you enjoy the adventure of "making my Open World RPG!!!".

Some people like to mix everything inside the same Script. For me, it does not work very well. I think separating things is better for most of the process.

The game DRAW sprites for the inventory. I do not use objects to represent the slots and items on it. I think this is the best approach. There is an unique Object to deal with Inventory, cameras and stuff. Game Maker Studio 2 is VERY FAST on it. This is all about coordinates, resolution checks, scale and Math! Thank you YOYO GAMES:


The first version ot the Script: Drawing Items to Inventory and how I like to make easy-to-read code:

Thank you, developers!
I will be back soon. :D