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Legacy GM Runner Fails to Open



When I press the green button/f5, the runner never pops up. When I run debug, the runner crashes. I have not successfully run my game yet. It fails to work on an empty project as well.

I am running Windows 10, 8GB RAM, with Nvidia 940MX Graphics with 2GB of VRAM. I have DirectX 12.
GM:Studio Version 1.4.1760

Things I have tried:

-Restarting Computer (several times)
-Reinstalling GM
-Rolling GM back to a different version
-Updating DirectX
-Update my graphics drivers
-Make a new project
-Export project and run separately
-Browsing and googling for several hours

Nothing appears to be working thus far.

I have narrowed down the problem to some sort of issue with the runner.

What normally happens is I rujn the game, it compiles without error, then says the compile is complete. However, no runner pops up, nor is running in the background.

When I run my game in debug mode, the runner briefly pops up, but encounters a crash and stops.

Any help is appreciated, and please don't hesitate to ask for more information.

The compiler when I attempt to launch the game.

Create Score Form
Create Load Form
Create Error Form
Do The Work
initialise everything!
Process Chunk: GEN8 136
Process Chunk: OPTN 64
Process Chunk: LANG 12
Process Chunk: EXTN 4
Process Chunk: SOND 4
Process Chunk: AGRP 4
Process Chunk: SPRT 2156
Process Chunk: BGND 4
Process Chunk: PATH 4
Process Chunk: SCPT 4
Process Chunk: GLOB 4
Process Chunk: SHDR 4
Process Chunk: FONT 516
Process Chunk: TMLN 4
Process Chunk: OBJT 1100
Process Chunk: ROOM 1544
Process Chunk: DAFL 0
Process Chunk: TPAG 136
Process Chunk: CODE 1596
Process Chunk: VARI 372
Process Chunk: FUNC 208
Process Chunk: STRG 900
Process Chunk: TXTR 4960
Process Chunk: AUDO 4
Preparing 4 objects:
Objects 0: obj_player
Objects 1: obj_asteroid
Objects 2: object2
Objects 3: obj_handler
Finished PrepareGame()
Total memory used = 311283(0x0004bff3) bytes
Entering main loop.
Compile finished: 9:58:36 PM