Windows đź—ˇRufinus - A more authentic 8-Bit action RPG

Hey guys, it's Mop Spear (brinycann0nade is my old user name but I still use it here). This is a game I've been working on since November 2020. It's called Rufinus which my friend told me kind of translates to "Red Hair", referring to the sword the main character uses which is an homage to the Blood Sword from Final Fantasy II. The video posted is very much just a test room for testing out the combat mechanics. There are two other large maps (they are in videos on my channel too) but I'm going to have to redo them.

It's an action RPG similar to The Legend of Zelda but mixed with the skill stealing gameplay from some of the GBA Castlevanias. There's also a simple dialogue system (not shown in this video) and two other enemies so far: the Hot Man and the Crab. The aim is to make it feel more like a real 8-Bit kind of game, for some imaginary PC from the 1980's. I'm trying to limit myself to 3 or 4 colors per character/tile. I'm not limiting myself to how many palettes are on screen at once but the total color choice comes from the NES palette. I kind of think it looks more like a Sega Master System game than anything on the NES though. The UI is on the sides to not steal gameplay space from the player while also not making the game widescreen which I think would look too inauthentic.

It's currently full of bugs and definitely a work in progress but try it out and let me know what you think. (Please try the Hot Beam. I think it feels cool.)

Move - WASD
Attack- Ctrl
Open Menu - I
Close Skill Popup = Ctrl
Select Skill during gameplay - NumPad 8, 6, 2, 4 (I know this is weird but I will fix it later)
Use Ability - NumPad 5
Reset Game - P
Quit - Esc

Rufinus (I uploaded it to my own server)