Windows RTS Tank Wars


One of my first Game maker projects that I've made. I recently found it from my stockpile of mini projects and prototypes, and i'm happy to share it to the community for free. I don't plan on continuing development on this game, and it has pretty inefficient programming but it should run completely fine on any machine that has 1.5Ghz or faster CPU.

Press Spacebar during Gameplay to give you a quick summary about how to play the game.

~ 2 Player Splitscreen
~ Singleplayer Survival
~ 4 Different buildings - Gold Collector, Turret, Lab and Minion Spawner
~ 3 Playable tanks
~ 3 Upgrade levels per building
~ Regenerating health

Player 1:
WASD - Movement
Q - Minion Spawner
E - Shoot
Z - Gold Generator
X - Turret
C - Lab

Player 2:
Arrow Keys - Movement
N - Minion Spawner
M - Shoot
J - Gold Generator
K - Turret
L - Lab

You can upgrade buildings by holding down the fire button and the same construct building button e.g.
Player 1 can upgrade his gold mine by holding 'Z' and 'E'. Player 2 can upgrade his Minion spawner by holding down 'N' and 'M'. You can still upgrade after the timer has ran out, but you cannot build.

Instructions in detail are provided in the readme file, i would recommend reading it before you play the game. ;)
Enjoy :D

NOTE: Minions are badly optimized and will lag the game if there is a lot of them 100+?
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