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Steam RTAG rise - A 4 player co-op Platformer.


Coming soon!

RTAG: Rise

Full release of RTAG Rise:
RTAG rise is a controller supported, local co-op, trial and error based platformer. The game follows multiple protagonists in their quest to find help a group of surviving test subjects find a way out of a deserted laboratory. Players maneuver around the dangerous trials and hazards to escape the lock-down facility they woke up on. RTAG rise features a quest based Story Campaign taking place in a semi-open world mode and various Arcade / PVP / Competitive game modes; a challenge system, rewarding players for completing tasks, challenges and quests with more quests, playable content and unlockables.

Early Access:
To start off, we're publishing the RTAG Rise - Early Access. 25+ Levels as an apetizer of what's to come in the Story Campaign. We're looking to get the community involved, get the much needed resource of play testers to weed out pesky bugs and get community suggestions. The game will exit Early Access upon the release of the First Season of the Story Campaign around Summer 2019

Early Dev Trailer 2015:


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Just voted for it. Thank you for making offline multiplayer. That is the hardest thing to find in games right now and it's a shame. I built a 2 player arcade machine for my dad and this would be awesome on there. Are players able to change the key bindings? Also right now this looks a lot like a multiplayer super meat boy (which is good), is there other features planned(or that I'm missing) to help differentiate it? What is the story like?


The game looks very cool and incredibly difficult with other players, which I like very much!



I god damn love game development but currently I'm sitting without a job so it's a bit stressful to count on projects you're pushing by yourself. Hell, if I could at least get it Greenlit, releasing an early access version (which is ready) would help me tremendously.
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RTAG:rise is now available for free for everyone!
Go to: http://eisenstadtstudio.com/rtag-rise.html to get your Steam key!

So RTAG rise, as it is right now - the version that is available on Steam for purchase, was originally supposed to be a free demo, and the early access was going to be a completely different set of levels, available for anyone to download and play. I was advised by my father, who's been in the Film industry for decades, to try and reach the goal of "Publishing Something". It didn't have to be the best polished take, nor the complete game. It just had to be something. Doing so would solidify a product in existence and mark this achievement as officially completed as the main purpose of it would be to escape the loop of perpetual development.

So, whist developing the content that is now published as Early Access on Steam, the sudden realization of just how much work went into creating it all and getting this far has dawned on me, making me question why am I releasing all of this for free. As such I have made a decision to publish the content which was already done and which was to be a demo, as early access instead. Either way the major checkpoint of "Publishing Something" has been reached and in the new months after publication, I've had a chance to see the problems that lie ahead of me. One of these major problems was the lack of audience. When publishing RTAG rise as Early Access, the first perceived plan was to use the funds gained from early access to hire some help and alleviate some responsibilities from my shoulders. I was to delegate some of the surface stuff (Like Designing Levels and Challenges) onto someone else so that I could concentrate on the background stuff (Creating the Assets / Music / Mechanics/ Script / Voice Over recording, Mixing and Artwork with which the new Levels and Challenges were to be created).

Sad as it is, the most enlightening aspect of this affair is that, I've once more under-estimated just how much work and impact marketing has on your project.

Now since marketing in the main channels requires a fair amount of money to expose your project to a broad audience successfully, I have to stick to the low level indie marketing - growing a following for the project, granting a playable demo, access to streamers and gamer media. So following the footsteps of the very same game which inspired RTAG:rise, I've decided to that we will be making RTAG:rise Early Access, free as a part of a Steam Beta Test of a sort. You can get your Steam key of RTAG rise by simply signing up for our mailing list form, located on the RTAG:rise page on www.EisenstadtStudio.com

We are hoping that by make the game as it is now, accessible to everyone that we will be able to expose the game to a broader audience, the get the gaming community more acquainted with what we are building here, engage with feedback and locate the more pesky bugs which we alone could not find. We hope that perhaps we may build a community around the project which would support us, in the development of the complete game.

To get your Steam Key of RTAG rise, go to:

sign up for the RTAG:rise Mailing List today! The process is very easy and gets you the key instantly.
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