RPG Development Thread




Thought it would be nice to keep a thread of my progression as I experiment around with programming.

Right now, my project goal is to make a house with interactable objects that looks and feels good to play. I want to have an inventory, a stat screen, and maybe a day/night cycle. And an event or two that plays out like a little scene.

I don't have a plan for a full 'game' itself at the moment. Right now, I want to learn so a small goal works better. I am not very interested in combat, but in the interest of learning I would also like to understand how the mechanics themselves work.

Here I will post screenshots, art and updates.

I am new to these forums but I have read the guidelines at the header- however if I have misunderstood a thread such as this is not permitted please let me know and I will get rid of it.

So, in the past couple of days I have managed to get down the basics of sprite movement and movement between rooms;

Right now, visually I need to add an indicator in the bedroom as to where the door is, because it's not very clear. There also seems to be a lot of tearing when the player hits the edges.

GREEN are collision boxes.
PINK are doors

I'm pretty sure the tearing during collision is happening because of the way the objs are laid out, would really appreciate if someone knew a way to smooth it out!