Rotation Power - Arcade Puzzle game with Tiramisu

Very happy to present you my first humble game. Simple but I hope interesting by its mechanics.

The game be downloaded at this link:
Download it and finish it within 5 minutes to get a tasty tiramisu :)
A normal run is about 4 to 10 minutes.

You are a cute little heart that can make an object rotate around him at distance. To get your Tiramisu, you will need to pass weird enemy and make some out of the box thinking.
Most of the energy has been on game mechanics/ level design and in-game jokes :)

Few screenshots, things are normally moving on the screen :)
And I learn how to make a video on youtube only for this page, so you can get it bellow.
Note: there is no in-game music.

1590292312124.png 1590292524261.png
1590292343238.png 1590292406937.png

Looking for specific feedback.

Which level was the best? What could have been skipped?
Which kind of content is missing - better game art?
More kind of enemy?
The storyline is too light / not immersive enough?
Am I missing some part that makes a simple game good?
Is the game name similar to what you experienced?
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I was able to finish the game. It took longer than 5-10 min. Maybe I'm not that good.

I enjoyed the first levels but as it got to the end, I found the enemies to be a bit annoying rather than challenging. There is a collision bug with the enemies but somehow I liked it because it helped me get through the level.

I didn't really like the flying enemies the most and I think the game would be better without them. The other enemies were okay. I think it would be nice if there are more levels that do not have enemies but are difficult as a puzzle. It would be nice to switch it up with enemy levels and no enemy levels to give a bit of ease to the player. The tiramisu text was funny but the tiramisu text all over at 1min 10 sec got a bit weird. I don't really understand what was going on in the game but I didn't really mind much. I like the game for its gameplay

Overall, the game is pretty good and has some potential. It got my attention in the beginning and got me hooked till the end.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. It's very comprehensive. I added a few levels yesterday and made a change in the difficulty curve. Which make the game between 8 to 15 minutes.

The flying enemies change the gameplay a bit as they force the player to manage them and change the pace of the game. I also feel they are harder to deal with, so that why they are at the end.
You are totally right about the level sequence and switching level 'style'.
regarding Making game engaging, there is this youtube video from game maker tooltip that I found quite interesting. It's at the end of my message.

The text is here to get a kind of story + some funny atmosphere. I guess, it's a bit too long and a bit to abrupt to get all this wording on the screen in one go.

I understand that you like the gameplay, but I am worried few more level with only the yellow cube to bring to the end would make people bored. Also, I have trouble making a hard but interesting puzzle.
basically one that can be solved quickly if you know how to do it, but is long to figure out at the first time. I understand the puzzle that needs game skill, but they are somehow, less interesting.

I will work the making better level and leveraging the mechanics more.
Thanks for the collision bug report and the text was too weird. I am not sure weird is good || engaging.

Please, don't hesitate to ask me to test Beartopia once or twice more :)



Hey, i tried your game.

Pretty cool consept. Got overly sweet feeling from all tiramisus :D

"wasd" controls didnt work properly for me. I assume this is made for french keyboard? Well it didnt matter since i ended up playing with arrow keys anyway. :)
Space and Alt seemed little odd choises for rotation in my opinion.

Screen got filled with tiramisu text and it didnt leave even in next level. I think that got pretty annoing.

Adding some sound effects and music would be nice.
I think if amount of rotation you can do would be limited, you could create more challenging puzzles. (Somekind of energy/mana system for example)
Hi Yrbiax,

Thanks a lot for playing, testing, finishing the game and taking time to give feedback. It's very heartwarming.

I did change back the key control to wasd. As I changed the file to azerty keyboard for a friend :) Well spotted.
I agreed on space and alt as an odd choice for the rotation, but I am not sure what is better.
I added the mouse wheel as a rotation input. It works very nicely with a pad and is slow with my mouse. A very different and interesting feeling. I guess I would need to add a 'sensibility' setting at the beginning.

For the text, I decrease the 'time' it will appear on the screen and also remove jokes during 'more cinematic moment' (yes, there is now, a cinematic moment a bit before the end of the game).
I am not sure yet, how to make it appear long enough so people can read jokes but not too long so it's not frustrating. (It's was before 8 seconds of 'power utilisation', I change it to 2.5 seconds.

Yes, for sound and music. I know it helps for mood and atmosphere. I also know there is some free library but I have really no idea what is a good sound and not a good sound.

I would like to make a 'harder' version of each level, energy limitation is a good way to do it. I have taken this in the wish list but it's out of my skill level for now :)

Again Yrbiax, thanks again for your feedback and trying the game. I take all your lines very seriously. It helps a lot. And I am also glad you liked the game
Few update and improvement since the end of May 2020:

  • Added a new end with a revelation.
  • Changed some text for more sweet comments. Focused on Tiramisu.
  • Change the text UI and information displayed. Make it more engaging and some mechanics to be discovered by the player.
  • Collision bug when player 'wrap' from one side to the other.
  • One water level didn't have any collision- fixed.
  • Level order change for more variety between level 15 to 25.
  • Joke text appearance is shorter and doesn't appear during 'cinematic moment'.
  • Time also doesn't appear during 'cinematic moment'
  • Trajectory help is activated by default from level 5.
  • Can use the Mouse wheel for the rotation power. (and it's very nice with a computer pad).
Change from July / end June:
  • Block movement of all object when moving to the next level.
  • Add inertia at the beginning and end of each rotation.
  • Make inertia asymmetric, it is more felt at the end of the rotation
  • Add a menu when pressing 'escape'
  • Add a menu to get the binding key. cannot change them as of now.
  • Add sound in menu selection
  • Add two soundtrack- Mirage and Alchimie from MEG
  • Improve collision box for letters.
  • Change graphic design for 'yellow' and 'blue'
  • Restart time when restarting the game
  • Improve the most level game design and look.
  • Review the order of level for better rhythm and balance between game concept.

A lot of game feedback comes from different playtest. So, very interesting to listen to players or see them playing.
Game is here: