GML Rotation collision (example: top-down car)

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    Mar 24, 2018
    GM Version: Should be universal
    Target Platform: ALL
    Download: N/A (all needed code is there)
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Last Edited: 2018.08.10

    Short version:
    Rotation after dealing with movement collision. Classic while loop checking but this time rotate image_angle to previous position.

    There are plenty tutorials that show how to rotate image but they all doesn't rotate collision box and that's useless when you actually need it.
    I tried to make my own top down 2D GTA car movement and I got pretty nice controlls with satisfying drifting, but as soon as I introduced solid walls... crash every time (actually freeze) since I used classic while loop movement collision and turning car into wall with no movement gives infinity while loop. I couldn't find any tutorials so I started to try box2d physics with somewhat ok movement but collisions felt wonky. I don't know why I couldn't think about this simple solution but now it's here.

    Longer version:

    I'll give SUPER bare bone basic car movement (no drift and and fancy things), but maybe I'll do part 2.
    //for this basic car you can use var in step for hspd and vspd
    hspd=0;      // horizontal speed
    vspd=0;      // vertical speed
    acc=0.2;     // acceleration
    spd=0;       // car speed
    mspd=18;     // max speed
    bspd=0.05;   // breaking speed for lerp
    rspd=2;      // rotation speed for turning

    /// STEP_EVENT
    // input buttons
    var gas  = keyboard_check(ord("W")) - keyboard_check(ord("S"));
    //left turn is positive since GML angles goes counterclockwise
    var turn = keyboard_check(ord("A")) - keyboard_check(ord("D"));
    if(gas!=0) // pressing one of directions
        spd+=acc*gas; // adding acceleration to speed in direction of gas
        spd=clamp(spd, -mspd/2, mspd); // can't go faster than max speed
    else // gas buttons are released
        spd=lerp(spd, 0, bspd); // stopping car
    Initialize variable for turning.
    For drifting you"ll need to do things different there.
    Since this is basic car movement, car angle is controlling
    movement direction.
    var angle=image_angle;
    if(turn!=0) // same as gas - turning button is held
        angle+=rspd*turn; // adding turn in held direction
    // for this example hspd & vspd could be var
    hspd=lengthdir_x(spd, angle); // extracting horizontal movement
    vspd=lengthdir_y(spd, angle); // extracting vertical movement
    //classic collision, may not be the best and must be carefull since it can freeze the game
    if(place_meeting(x+hspd, y, o_Solid)) // checking collision for next horizontal possition
        while(!place_meeting(x+sign(hspd), y, o_Solid))
        { // do loop while no collision 1 pixel in our H direction
            x+=sign(hspd); // move player by 1 pixel in H direction
        hspd=0; // since we can't move anymore set to 0
    x+=hspd; // move object by hspd amount
    // exactly the same as hspd only done for vertical movement
    if(place_meeting(x, y+vspd, o_Solid))
        while(!place_meeting(x, y+sign(vspd), o_Solid))
    Since we can check collision only for angle we are now
    we need to save value before rotation.
    var prev_angle = image_angle; // save current angle
    image_angle = angle; // turn object according to controlls
    if(place_meeting(x, y, o_Solid)) // check if we are colliding now
        while(place_meeting(x, y, o_Solid)) // here we do opposite - loop while we are collided
            image_angle+= sign(prev_angle - angle); // turn back by 1 degree in direction of previous angle
    // Next is optional and not really worked on properly
    // it's reducing car speed if we have collided
    // and point_distance returns only positive number
    var dir = point_direction(0, 0, hspd, vspd); // we need direction and don't care from where
    if(abs(angle_difference(image_angle, dir)) < 180) // moving same direction we are turned to
        spd=point_distance(0, 0, hspd, vspd); // we need distance, don't care from where
        spd=-point_distance(0, 0, hspd, vspd); // in case we are moving backwards need to turn distance negative

    Sorry for my English and I hope it's useful for someone frustrated as I was when searched for a solution.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2018
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  2. Pollux568

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    Oct 12, 2016
    Hi @NeZvers ,
    I have discovered your movement/collision code just now, I'd like to say a big THANKS to you.
    It's been many months that I try to implement something like yours for my submarine game - tried the physics module, downloaded some collision check scripts, the "buttery movement" thing, it was never really satisfactory.
    So, many many thanks :)
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