Legacy GM room restart if player between wall and vertical platform

Hello everyone
I dont know wich code could be the function that I want.
My task is to make the player restart if he is between the wall and the y-axis of the vertcal platform.
Here is a picture:
Screenshot (7).png

This is a problem that I didnt find a solution on youtube or somewhere else.
It would be nice if someone could help me.:p
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Just have the vertical object check and see if the player is underneath, and if it is, then check if the player is on the ground or not, and if that's true then restart. Check the collision function but place_meeting() will probably do what you want.
Thanks for repliying.
But how do I put this in code. The only thing I could figure out so far is this code:

Object Vertical Platform

Collision Event with object player

if place_meeting(x,Fledermaus_Bild.y,Fledermaus_Bild)
something like that:

if place_meeting(x,y,obj.player) && place_meeting(x,y,obj.wall)

but how should i define if the player is above or below the wall or the plattform?
I worked on the problem and it gets better but the only problem I have now is that my player gets stuck if the vertical platform is moving downwards. I dont know why.
if place_meeting(x,y+1,Beweger)&& place_meeting(x,y+1,Wand)


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If the platform moves downwards it's not at y+1 anymore next step