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GMS 2.3+ Room Editor TileBuilderLock Still Locked



Today out of nowhere, my whole Tile Layers dissapeared. Restaring the IDE made them visible again. It keeps happening randomly, and tick/untick the eye icon to toogle visibility is not working. I noticed also, some tile layers whenever I select a tile and drag the mouse to the Room IDE to "draw" the tile, it won't display it as if the layer was hidden. This only happens with certain layers, pretty randomly.

Now I also notice this spam message on the Output:

" Room Editor TileBuilderLock Still Locked"

This message is being SPAMMED heavily, almost like 3-4 times per second. Right now I am literally unavailable to do any kind of IDE work because of this.

There's zero information about this error, besides one post where there's also zero answers and they don't seem to have a problem with layers.