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Released Roguelike Twin-Stick Shooter with Shot Polarity - Dualism


Dualism - An arcade classics-inspired space shooter with roguelike elements

It's an arena based twin-stick shooter where you can switch polarity and you must upgrade well to keep up with the intensity of the bullet hell.

You can get all sorts of different upgrades. There's more than 80 right now, and it only just started early access. (Many more to come)


You get upgrades frequently. They're chosen from a pool of evolutionary pathways you unlock. You get to pick 1 of a few that are offered to you every few enemies you kill.

Here's a late-game screenshot where the player has very high leveled exploding lighting.


All the upgrades stack exponentially too. Meaning if you can get lucky and get the same upgrade like more than 7 times, you become unbelievably powerful.

(Now the player is tiny, shoots tons of spread shots that have a very narrow spread and are also slightly homing)

You must hit dark enemies with light shots. (And vice versa)


That's kind of the object of the game. To get so powerful you break it.

Because enemies get exponentially stronger too.

Story wise - it's light and philosophical, but it's about breaking out of the cycle of dualism that we all live in. Black / White | Friend / Enemy | Pain / Pleasure - they're all a part of life and embracing both sides will work much better than avoiding the other half of life.

Steam Page - Dualism - more info here

The game is 37% off for one week to reward my early access purchasers.


I'd like to work with these early adopters to finish the game. I've put in about 6 months so far, and expect another 6 months with the community's input.

I've been an aspiring video game developer since I was a kid. I've made a few games but never finished any until now. Now I'm 31 and I finally published something!!

Now I am determined to put in the effort to push the game out of early access in 6 months or so and publish to consoles with GMS.

Please let me know what you think of the game good and bad. We have a discord here: https://discord.gg/768waPBAAw