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Alpha [Roguelike] Torre truhán (A dungeon crawler)

Discussion in 'Work in Progress' started by NicoFIDI, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Torre truhán (Rogue tower)

    Game information:
    Torre truhán it's a classic roguelike, where you attempt to conquer the floors one by one, managing your options and resourses to get deeper.
    Every move consume energy, and when you have no more, then your run ends.
    The world it's procedurally generated, witch means that you can only rely on your knowledge not your memory.
    Your tools are the dialog box, your pad and inventory, and your observation.


    Current content:
    • Food: Heals a random ammount
    • Scrolls: With various effects
    • Golden key: Used on golden handle doors
    • Silver key: Used on silver handle doors


    • Mask
    • Boots
    • Shield
    • Necklace


    • Fake walls (Inverted sprite)
    • Fake exits (Damage when interacted)
    • Floor spikes (Takes half second to rise, after stepped on)
    • Toxic gas (Takes extra energy to cross)
    • Wall traps (Once activated they don't shoot again)
    • Treassure room: (With a silver handle that requires a silver key generated before the door)

    Non played characters:

    • Ogre (Hungry ogre)
    • Faeries (Emprissioned faeries)
    • Cartographer (Lazy cartographer)

    Floor features:
    This features appear with a chance on a floor
    • Growing darkness
    • Toxic enviroment
    • Only corridor room
    • Floor spike room
    • Locked exit (With a golden handle door that requires a golden key to open, always on that floor).

    Future changes:
    I intend to make the game interactive and logic, full of mistery and make sure to reward original solutions to problems.
    With futures updates expect:
    • Changes on UI
    • More items, equipment, enviroment and quests designed to make every run exciting.

    Appreciated feedback:
    • Bug reports (if there's one)
    • Opinion (what you like, what you dislike)
    • Encouragement (if you only say something nice, or something bad, it helps me keep working!)

    Current content (version 00_01_006):
    Player stats:
    • SIGHT
    • ENERGY
    Initial menu:
    • - Language selection:
      • - Spanish
      • - English
    • - Premade modes:
      • - Easy
      • - Normal
      • - Hard
      • - Pro
    • - Customizable options:
      • - Food frequency
      • - Scroll frequency
      • - Trap exits frequency
      • - Illusory walls frequency
      • - Wall trap frequency
      • - Distance from entrance to exit
      • - Make the room a variable size (smaller than the max)
      • - A test mode (infinite perception and no darkness)
    • - Once the game ends it shows how much of the total content you managed to get through

    Player interaction:
    • - Movement pad
      • - Click and drag to move
      • - Click and release to interact with world
    • - Inventory
      • - Drag and drop
    • - Usable slot
      • - Right-click (double tap) to use the item
    • - Discard
      • - Click on selected item to discard it
    • - Items require slots
      • - It shows what item is needed.
      • - They appear on the map when a certain item is needed as condition to do something
      • - To use an item on them select the item and press on it
    • - Restart button
      • - Goes to initial menu, you can press continue to resume the game.

    Wold content:
    • - Food
    • - Ogre (bread eater)
    • - Faeries
    • - Wall traps
    • - Fake exits
    • - Floor Traps
    • - Magic circles
    • - Illusory walls
    • - Poisonous gas
    • - Exit doors (With his key)
    • - Scrolls:
      • - Sanitatem: Heals 100 energy.
      • - Reditus: Takes you to the entrance.
      • - Visium: Reveals the map until you move.
      • - Effigies: Takes you to the exit (if it isn't behind a door).
      • - Ostende: Shows the location of important stuff
    • - Equipment:
      • - Shield
      • - Boots
      • - Mask
      • - Necklace
    • - Cartographer (Gives a quest)
    • - Special room (Only corridors)
    • - Special room (Growing darkness)
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
    Cloaked Games and Nocturne like this.
  2. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    1 - Inventory
    2 - Android version
    3 - Change in bread behavior
  3. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Updates version 8:
    Needs more test, I found a bunch of bugs together with the autosave.
    Sooo no version 8 uploaded.
    Maybe version 9 will fix these things.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2017
  4. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Updates Version 9:
    1 - Progress save.
    2 - Interface change.
    3 - Stat: Sight (how far you can see).
    4 - Change "Extremely complex to find bread" to "Extremely complex to find scroll" (increases your sight).
    5 - Fairy behaviour change.
    6 - "Far exit" now uses flood lagorithm to make the exit as deep as posible, instead of cartesian distance.
    7 - Internal vertion (you can re instal the game on android to make the updates but if the vertion changes you lose your savefile).
    8 - Default map options (Easy, Normal, Hard) and the customable options.
    9 - Restart button (Easy way to scape unwanted selections).
  5. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Update Version 10 (early):
    1 - Magic!
    2 - Scroll of visium
    3 - Scroll of sanitatem
  6. LightbringerNL

    LightbringerNL Member

    Dec 27, 2017
    Hey, great work so far! I played the game and got to floor 24 and the game congratulated me :D Does the creepy monster do anything besides laughing? or did I just miss that... Only problem that I personally had was that the game window was very small; but I have a 4k monitor, had to really squint my eyes haha. Other than that keep up the good work!
    NicoFIDI likes this.
  7. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    It's ment to be played on the phone :p
    But i'll make the full screen option with f4

    And the creepy monster (fairy) will change,
    but for now,
    - Increases your perseption
    - Reduce your max energy in 50
    - And heals you to your new max

    I want to make the game feel misterious
    And, be so full of content that the real mastery it's not speed but knowledge
    That's why it's turn based, and every movement takes energy :p
    You have to think what you do, and even being random, knowledge makes you reach deeper into the rooms :D

    Edit: Also, Thanks! I hope you did enjoy it :D
  8. ElectricdonkeyYT

    ElectricdonkeyYT Member

    Jun 28, 2016
    My review -
    NicoFIDI likes this.
  9. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Yeah, of course, I would like you to help me write this properly.
    Grammarly does what he can, but I manage to keep writing badly.
    And I really appreciate the review, now I'm thrilled to keep coding, Thank you a lot.

    And to answer some of your questions:
    - I didn't upload it because yesterday was D&D night...
    - The void, weird thing, was an early attempt of fog, and I re-use the sprite, so on version 10 (final), they will be gone.
    - That face's the character I always use on prototypes, It will eventually go, I guess in version 11 (I am so used to see it that I forget it's a small weird thing)
    - About the fake walls, I'll make the difference in version 11 (they spawn near end corridors most of the times)
    - If it sounds like bad advertising, it's completely intentional.
    - And more updates are coming soon, more scrolls, more fairies, some traps, some bug fix, some performance issues (added and removed), all that and more on version 10 final now on my pc, later, on drive... XD
  10. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Updates version 10:
    1 - Magic!
    2 - Scroll of visium
    3 - Scroll of sanitatem
    4 - Scroll of reditus
    5 - Scroll of effugium
    6 - Add a magic spell circle (takes 50 from your max and heals you)
    7 - Change on faeries: They are the treasure, and they increase your stats (energy, sight, perception)
    8 - Add traps (make damage, hard to see)
    9 - Illusion walls now have a really slight transparency.
    10 - Add more parameters in the custom map.
    11 - A slight increase in difficulty.
    12 - New mode (The custom settings I usually use, now for easy access)
    13 - Bug fix
  11. Moises Abraham

    Moises Abraham Member

    Dec 27, 2017
    I think this could be a cool concept if polished, something like a rogue like mixed with text game... maybe if there was enough audio it could be adapted for blind people to play as well.
    NicoFIDI likes this.
  12. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    It could be adapted...
    But I am not a professional studio, I have not enough resources to do that.

    And the polish process I follow it's

    First core (movement, rules, algorithms etc).
    Second content and experience.
    Third interface and extra.

    So even when you might find it ugly for now, what you can't see playing it's really what takes all my time.
  13. Moises Abraham

    Moises Abraham Member

    Dec 27, 2017
    Oh :p I didn't mean it was ugly mate, the art is really nice indeed, thats why I commented about this, maybe it could be something you missed by chance ^^
    NicoFIDI likes this.
  14. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Sorry sorry, I really misunderstand you :oops:
    But I am taking care of visual things slowly :p
    Right now what I want to make it's enough content to make the rooms feel interesting enough to keep playing :D
    Moises Abraham likes this.
  15. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Version 11 update:
    1 - Doors (blocking the exit)
    2 - Keys (to open the dors) (they are on the floor and a little blink animation sprite shows every 2 seconds)
    3 - Character update, a knight... or at least it's what I try to make XD
    4 - Inventory update
    4.1- To drag from hand to other places, click to select, and click to put in new location
    4.2- Discard section (throw your unwanted scrolls in there)
    4.3- Keyholes, they appear when you are near a door, move the key to them so they open
    5 - Rooms with poison gas (takes one extra energy to run by)
    6 - Change on heal scroll, (it restores 100 instead of full health)

    That's all folks.
  16. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Version 13 updates:
    - Equipment
    -- Shield
    -- Mask
    -- Boots
    - Extra room with game information when the game ends
    - Inventory position change
    - Item name added
    - Scroll of reveal
    - Ogre (NPC)
    - floor spikes
  17. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Change to beta:
    - Name change.
    - Slightly prettier menu.
    - Bug count back to 0

    I'll reduce the frequency of the updates to deliver a better version.
    And to introduce a big amount of content on each update.
  18. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Version 00_01_002

    - Save bug fix.
    - Quest added.
    - New room types
  19. NicoFIDI

    NicoFIDI Member

    Apr 7, 2017
    Version 00_01_006:

    - Inventory update
    • Click and drag to move
    • Equipment slot added
    • To use items on the map, stand besides what you want to interact (a door) and move the item from the inventory over it (the key)
    - Equipment update:
    • Added necklace of regeneration
    - Image update:
    • Exit
    • Player
    - Treassure room update:
    • Silver key droped randomly on a stage
    • Silver handle door holds the faeries

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