Asset - Project Rogue-Lock:Ultimate[GMS2] Roguelike starter pack


This asset is no more supported.

This is Rogue-Lock:Ultimate, the successor of Rogue-Lock.
Made with GMS2 for GMS2!
It's a Roguelike starter pack. really helpful to begin making ... roguelike!
Here it is:
Here is the demo: Demo

Tell me if you find any bugs, any errors. Here on the forum or by mail:

What to expect in it:
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Fully functional inventory system
  • Custom fullscreen script (Pixel perfect)
  • Auto-tiling level
  • Save/Load system
  • Examples of: Player sheet / enemy A.I. / Shadowcasting FOV / Turn-based system / Random loot
  • Mini map
  • Good support

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This is great! Any upgrade path for the old version of Rogue-Lock? I just bought the old version on the 28th thinking it would be updated to Ultimate. My misunderstanding.



I'm quitting gamedev. It's no more a hobby. Perhaps someday I'll return to it. In the meantime, I put all my assets free in the marketplace. Rogue-Lock:Ultimate is my biggest achievement. I put in there all I learned about Roguelikes. There is things in there that I will have done in a other way now but it's done. I won't support my assets anymore. I hope Rogue-Lock:Ultimate will continue to help new coders to learn basics of roguelike. Thx to all persons who bought it.
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