Steam Rogue Harvest - Randomly Generated Open World RPG


Rogue Harvest
A game I have been building for the last 3 years, published to Steam last November.

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Rogue Harvest is a finely crafted Rogue-like Open World Adventure!

- Explore a massive procedurally generated world
- Chop down trees, mine stone, dig up the earth, farm and harvest crops
- Fight off enemies from small foes to large bosses
- Simple & Fun game mechanics
- Craft and build the world around you
- Advance your skills & abilities - level up naturally
- Survive the elements & the beasts that roam the land scape
- Full day and night cycle
- Plant seeds and build a farm, but watch out for the bunnies...
- Perma-death with incentives and value in each playthrough

The entire world is procedurally generated and will keep you surprised through out your adventure - every playthrough is unique.

Rogue Harvest features full permanent death (permadeath), however every battle fought, every night survived will make you feel extremely accomplished!


Wanted to update this - Rogue Harvest is on Steam in Early Access. I'm still actively working on it!


I'm sure someone dedicated could make this in RPG Maker - but it is not a simple RPG. It allows you to break down materials across the world (Trees, Stone, Clay, Marble, and quite a few other things) and craft them into various items, and then build the world around you. It does draw much influence from Terarria, Minecraft, Don't Starve, Sim City, and many many other games that I love. The things it has in common with an RPG maker game are actually pretty small when you look beyond screenshots. Let alone to say that building your own RPG engine from the ground up is super-fun and let's you do a lot of things that wouldn't be simple or even possible in RPG Maker.

Anyways, just wanted to post back here - I had shared Rogue Harvest on the old forums and always like to show it other devs and get feedback!