Android Rocket Sketch - A relaxing and beauty puzzle game



Hi there! I just published my game made with GameMaker Studio 1.4 on the PlayStore and I'm in willing of feedback.

It took a long time to do, mostly because I'm father with other job, so for sure there are a lot of things to do better. But, I thinks the game it's more than complete.

It is a puzzle game, where you will throw rockets to the space, collect papper and reach the stars!

It have an endless mode and a Campaign mode, splited in blocks of 9 levels, with a hidden part of the history in each block.

For now I exported it only for Android, I will see if do the iOS things.

If you guys played it, I will be most than happy to hear what you think!



Fazri Fr

I've played this game few minutes before (downloaded on itch) and.. hell.. Is people notice this? Because actually, WOW! This game is really nice! Overall is good, love the artworks and sounds.

Actually in the first time, im a bit confused with the aiming, usually i tap anywhere and drag my finger inversely (like catapult) to aim, but in this case.. err y know its like "my finger block my eyes to see where im aiming"

But yeah, again, overall its good.
Love the extra-boost rocket
and nice slogan too

85 / 100