HTML5 Rock, Paper, Scissors: Ultimate!



So i made a rock, paper, scissors game a while ago.

Had larger plans for the 'Ultimate' mode, but found it might be excesseive and kept it a health bar, play til' you die kind of style.

I'm hoping to make a vs mode and port it for mobile some day. But for now I'm feeling quite done with it.

Try it out, and leave a comment if you like it!


Looks neat. You do need to fix a spell mistake: "Select charchter!" should be "Select character!". And the "k" of ROCK (in the first screenshot) looks a bit off - like it is in lowercase, while everything else is in uppercase.


I've been thinking about giving the opponents some predictable patterns in ultimate mode.
Also, I might add a versus mode in the future and release it for mobile so you could play against your friends.
There's theoretically so many places a simple idea like this could go, it makes my brain very happy haha. Oh, the single player campaign I'm imagining right now is glorious :D


Hi, I just want to know how your AI works for this game. Does it really have an AI implemented or it simply does choose randomly? Thank you! :)