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  1. ChuckNz

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    Jun 21, 2018
    Hi game makers

    I've just released the first 10 levels of a game I made over Christmas week, Rock 'n' Roll Frog puzzle as a demo on android:

    Rock 'n' Roll Frog Puzzle is a pixel-style logic puzzle game with 30+ brain teasers of increasing difficulty. Boost your IQ and use your cunning to solve puzzles, riddles and more, all while grooving to an original rock and heavy metal-inspired soundtrack (produced by Silver Tides).

    ● Full game to be released March 2019 with 30+ original puzzles.
    ● Original rock and heavy metal playlist produced by New Zealand
    producers, Silver Tides.
    ● In-game music player
    ● A seriously sense of accomplishment when you pass lv 10! ;)

    Game concept:
    ● Move the green frog from the starting point to the platform containing your female counterpart. Enemies, levers plus fading and moving platforms are just some of the challenges you will face.

    ● The game starts out with fairly simple puzzles, but the later puzzles ramp up in difficulty, giving your brain a serious workout.

    It's still early days and I have to build a more functionality before I release the full thing, but seems to be coming together pretty well for a quick project.

    Just one question, would it be better to option 1.release the full game with ads, and have a separate ad-free paid option, or option 2. just release the paid version.


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  2. M4nu

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    Feb 6, 2019
    Great Graphics!

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