Windows Robotron remix

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    Feb 2, 2017
    The link is a zip file, so you know what to do with that. I posted it to my website

    The sound is public (freeware). The sprites are 5x9 which GM was not too happy with,
    but works OK. Since the game is old (and there are countless emulators running the Atari version)
    I do not expect too many complaints. This plays pretty good on an xbox 360 controller.
    I wrote this during XMass vacation. I found most emulators had configuration issues running this
    game, so I wrote my own. Its not perfect, but it is fun.

    You can use the keyboard as well (wasd to move, and num-lock with keypad to shoot).
    There are no instructions !!, and no plans to add any. Robotron did not have instructions in the arcade.

    Special keys thoough .... but you could find them...
    Escape key to quit game
    Space key to restart game
    L key to display Lives/Level/Score

    Select Key on xbox also does a restart.

    Game is free .... as are all my games.... source code is negotiable ...
    edit: added image (did not want to) may release source next week for fun.
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