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The game is too much of an incompleted, but i wanted to upload it cuz even tho it doesn't have almost nothing, it took me a considerable amount of time to make it, I tried to finish the game as fast as I could because I have in mind other proyects, however, the important part here is the online thing, it's my first time programming online game and i would like your opinion about the online performance. thanks.


How to play online?
You will need LogMeIn Hamachi to be able to play with other people, Here is the download link:

You and your friends must be connected in hamachi in the same network. Then the user who will start the server has the IP that must be written in the IP box of the first room of the game to play.

Here are some networks that i created in hamachi to play this game:

Networks name:


Things that I wanted to add
-Infinite world that generates as you move (like minecraft)
-Dungeons generated randomly depending on the seed (like minecraft)
-A lot more craftings and items
-A better inventory engine
-Day and night
-More types of minerals
-Weapons that can be crafted


Esc - Pause the game
Arrows - Move the player
I - Open/close inventory
R - Use tool
C - Craft
U - Use item
Q - Drop item

Download link
File that contains the server, client, and dll:

Sorry for my bad english.
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yes i would like it if you heled me with that
Well, here is the idea, if you don't get it, pm me

When using some code for random generation, you can set a number called the "seed". Every time you use the same seed to create a world with random generation, you'll actually get the same world. (for more information about seeds, look up the random_set_seed() function in the game maker docs)

Now, if you divide your map in chuncks, and you assign a seed to every chunck based on it's location, every time you get close enough to that chunck it will generate the map present in that chunck with the seed that's based on the chuncks location. If you go far enough from the chunck you can delete all objects that were present in it. This way, every time you come back to that chunck you'll get exactly the same map. This is because of that the seed is based on it's location and the location of the chunck doesn't change.

The maps wouldn't be completely infinite but the maps will have a chunck radius of probably around the 40.000 chuncks, so it's probably big enough ;)