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Question - IDE Road map questions.



Hi there, was just going through the GMS 2 road map and had some questions.

I'm a bit confused by what is meant by 'Runtime support for Game Languages' and 'UWP - Full Open Live support'.

And was curious to know how long it may be till we see the 64 bit runtime?

Thanks guys!


Game Languages means easy integration of French, German, Chinese, whatever (probably as CSV files). In other words - translations (same as it's coming for IDE).

For Open Live it's a good question, it may mean Xbox Live support, but I'm not sure.

x64 runtime is probably going to be part of UWP runner, as Xbox One requires it from what I remember (you can export Xbox One games using ID@Xbox+UWP instead of more expensive Xbox GMS2 target).


Ah OK thanks alot!
I had it in my head that Runtime support for game languages may have been a way to execute GML code at runtime but looking back that doesn't seem probable.


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Open Live is the name for the bit of XBox Live that is Open to everyone to use and all platforms that MS provide we will be supporting it on UWP platforms.

Game Languages does refer to your games supporting different languages

x64 runtimes are already supported on UWP, iOS, XBox One and PS4 - we will be extending that to Windows Desktop, Mac and Linux as well in the future.