Windows RISK - World domination (W.I.P)


I've been working on a simplified version of Risk for a few days now, to challenge myself;
and have already had a lot of fun with it playing a few games with my family!

Most notable rule changes:
- Cards have been removed.
- Players automatically roll with the maximum amount of dice their allowed to.
The first player to eliminate every opponent
by capturing all 42 territories on the board, is
declared the winner!

1. In turn, each player may deploy 1 unit to any unoccupied territory.
This continues until all 42 territories are occupied.

2. Each player recieves an equal amount of units, depending on the number of players.
2-3 players, 35 units.
4 players, 30 units.
5 players, 25 units.
6 players, 20 units.​

3. Continuing in turns, each player deploys 1 additional army to any territory he or she
already occupies. This continues until everyone has run out of units.
There is no limit to the number of units a single territory may hold.

4. Whoever deployed the first unit, opens the game with the first turn.

A players turn typically consists of three phases, that are always in the following order:
1. Reinforcement Phase
2. Attack Phase
3. Tactical-Move Phase​

Reinforcement Phase
The player recieves units equal to the number of territorys he or she already occupies,
devided by 3. (ignoring any fraction) If the player occupies all the terrirories of a continent,
he/she will recieve additional units. The number of additional units varies per continent:
Asia, 7 units.
Nort America, 5 units.
Europe, 5 units.
Africa, 3 units.
South America, 2 units.
Australia, 2 units.​

If the player stands to recieve no units in total, this phase of the players turn is skipped.

Attack Phase
The player may now decide if he or she wishes to attack a territory occupied by another
player, with one of their own. The objective of an attack is to capture a territory by
defeating all the opposing units already on it. If the player is done attacking other territories
or does not wish to attack, he or she may skip the phase manually at any time.
The outcome of an attack is determined by a varying number of dice rolls.

A player may only initiate an attack on another territory if:
- The two territories are directly adjacent, or connected by a thin black line.
Alaska is considered adjacent to- and may attack, Kamchatka.
- The player has at least two units on the territory he or she is attacking from.​

Once an attack is initiated, a game of dice begins. The number of attack dice that are rolled
is equal to the number of units on the attacking territory minus 1, up to a maximum of 3 dice.
The number of defending dice that are rolled is equal to the number of units on the defending
territory, up to a maximum of 2 dice.

After a roll of all the dice, the highest attack die is compared to the highest defending die.
If the attack die is higher, the defending territory loses one unit; if not, the attacking territory
loses one unit. If there are more than one attack dice and more than one defending dice,
the two respective second highest dice are compared. If the attack die is higher,
the defending territory loses one unit; if not, the attacking territory loses one unit.

An attack ends if: the player chooses to retreat, the attacking territory has 1 unit left or if the
defending territory has 0 units left; at which point the player may choose how many units
he/she wants to move from the remaining units on the attacking territory to the defending
territory, with a minimum of 1 unit.

The player may initiate as many attacks during this phase as he or she wants,
and may choose to retreat from an attack at any point.

Tactical-Move Phase
The player may move as many units as he or she would like from one (and only one) of
their territories into one (and only one) of their adjacent territories.

If a player has no territories left, he or she is eliminated and removed from the game.
All remaining players continue to take turns until all but 1 player has been eliminated.

If anyone likes to give it a go, I would love to hear your feedback!
You can view the turn order at the top right of the board,
and required action at the bottom left.

Players: 2-6
GM Version: GMS2
File Size: 5.57 MB (10.7MB uncompressed)
ZIP Download:

- You can change the names of the players with the buttons on the left side of the screen.
- You can change the colors of the players by clicking the icons in the middle of the screen.
(Two people CAN play using the same color, but this is not advised)
- You can control the number of players with the buttons on the right side of the screen.
- If 'Random turn order' is unchecked, the players will take turns in the order of this settings screen, from top to bottom.
- If 'English Voice' is unchecked, a dutch voice will be used instead (My mom :))
- Once you have everything set-up press 'Done' in the bottom left corner to start the game!
- Save the board, so you can come back to the same game later.
- 'Actual' input boxes for player names
- LAN multiplayer??

The game uses a modified version of this risk board designed by Derek Hakkim.
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