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Windows Right analogue stick not responding as expected.


Hi all, this is my first post so aplogies if its in the wrong place.

I have a google stadia controller plugged into a windows laptop. All the buttons work fine as does the left analogue stick. The right analogue stick on the other hand performs a little weird.

-gp_axisrh returns right stick vertical instead of right stick horizontal.
-gp_axisrv returns nothing.

This is partly described in the bug that was fixed a couple of years ago https://bugs.yoyogames.com/view.php?id=28583 but still occurs.

I dont know if this is because of the way the right analogue stick is showing in windows Z Axis and Z Rotation. Image below.

I'm not keen on remapping anything in windows (and not tried) but was wondring if there was a way to make it work using Game Maker... or does it need to be raised as a bug.

If it helps, gamepad_is_connected() returns 4.... Any help or advice would be great. thanks