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    RGBeacon is a keyboard-breaking-ly difficult game about a little cuboid virus. The game is a Lunar Lander inspired platformer with a difficulty curve steeper than Tower of Heaven, but with the consistency of Super Mario Bros. In other words, It's hard, but it tries to stay true to its rules. It includes forty-eight challenging levels, one easy level, and one boss level that might also be considered challenging.


    You guide a cube/virus that must fly through various danger filled mazes, called servers, to destroy the RGBeacons, core like squares that distribute color to the digital worlds and function as the brains of the internet. Through the adventure you challenge "Dev", the developer and mastermind who created the virus and the servers and traps within each domain.


    • 50 challenging levels
    • 5 unique worlds
    • Co-op multiplayer
    • Two player battle mode
    • Keyboard support (Player one only)
    • Xbox One controller support (Recommended)
    • Any other Xinput controller (Not guaranteed to work as intended)
    • Soundtrack by Waterflame (
    • BONUS FEATURE: Doesn't delete system32!... I think

    Google Drive:

    v1.0.6 fixes player 2 moving through world 5 unstable walls.
    v1.0.7 removed splash screen on startup and changed the game window title.
    v1.0.8 new 2 player battle mode added. Added player collision in co-op play.
    v1.0.9 fixed a nasty bug where the game crashed on start of world 1. Added controller support to the menu (see Controls on this post or the readme file for details) as well as more descriptive controls in the in-game tutorial.
    v1.1.0 adds a difficulty level in the options menu with easier modes giving you breakable shields.
    v1.1.1 fixes some of the previously unwinnable multiplayer battle maps. I made a slight change to the battle mode mechanics in v1.1.0 that made them impossible.



    (Space or Start to skip intro animation)


    Space or A button: Select/Edit option.

    Esc or B button: Back.

    Up/down on keyboard or D-pad: Move selector.

    Left/Right on keyboard or D-pad: Advance page in options menu. Advance world and level selector.


    Left stick or WASD or arrow keys: Move in any direction.

    L and R triggers or Z and C or I and P: Spin left or right.

    Start or Esc: Quit to main menu.

    A button/Face button 1 or space: Quick restart after dying.


    There are no real viruses in the actual game file. It's just about a "virus". Also, I'm afraid to say that it is a Windows only game. My apologies for the inconvenience. If you'd really like to play my game, but don't have Windows, my suggestion would be to use a program such as WINE (known as WINE Is Not an Emulator). I cannot guarantee expected functionality with the program, but it's worth a shot.



    If you find any bugs or have a problem with getting the software or your controller to work properly, please comment below. I will try to fix it if I can...

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