GMC Jam Revival Of The Undead Princess Satsuka



Revival Of The Undead Princess Satsuka

(A GMC Jam entry by @Aura and @Rusty)


In case you find the enemies too difficult to beat, let me tell you that it was planned. There's a strategy that you can use to beat the enemies:

  • Slimes: They'll change their direction when you hit them. So if you want to beat them without losing hit points, hit them when they are coming towards you. If you'd hit them from the backside, they'd change direction and you'll lose hit points.
  • Pogo monsters: Same as slimes
  • Rolling slimes: Same as slimes
  • Ice ghosts: Hit them then run away. When they get closer, hit them again. Don't let them come close to your body.
  • Wasps: Same as ice ghosts

Rest of the strategy is self-explanatory.


Satsuka, the princess of Hidimba, is secretly murdered by Djinin, the minister, so as to avoid the king from getting information about his evil plans. But this is not the end of her legend! She re-appears in the holy land of Kuntos, occupied by fierce monsters, where people who are chosen to revive themselves go. Can you help her revive herself, so that she can return and expose monsterous Djinin to the king?

Play through 5 levels, each with unique monsters, collecting the Five Elemental Crystals, namely Fire, Ice, Water, Wind and Earth. As soon as everybody is dead in a level, that is, all the monsters have been put to death, spirits would assembe and unite to give you a crystal. Collect all five of them and revive her! ^^


  • interactive main menu with special music
  • five (very) challenging levels with unique monsters and music
  • (Un-)Fitting SFX
  • a story of royal dispute, murder and clashes
  • a pause menu in case of emergency
  • a very big hammer
  • lovely pixel art by @Rusty (a little bit by me)
  • great infamous Eric Matyas music

How To Play

Arrow keys to move, Z for jumping, X for attacking and C for reading a dialogue further; Enter to enter (no pun intended) the pause menu.


All feeback and criticism is greatly appreciated.
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Nice! I beat the game!

All feeback and criticism is greatly appreciated.
Not a programmer, and I cannot (yet) dream of doing what you've achieved in 3 days...but as a fan of platformers in general, here are a few thoughts regarding the game design...

1. There could have been some sort of a collision system between the "ice ghosts". Sometimes 3 or 4 of them merge into each other and its difficult to tell how many of them there are when fighting them. Maybe they could be made to fly around each other. Either way, they were the most intimidating of the enemies!

2. The slime creatures and the pogo guy are actually a little too easy to kill. Because when I hit them, they run away and come back to the same spot. All I need to do is wait in one place and hit them again...and repeat.

3. The levels felt a little too linear. You could have had a few floating platforms overhead and scattered enemies over there to mix things up a bit, instead of just moving forward the whole time.

4. Each level could have had different art or at least different colors . As of now, they all had the same "look and feel" which felt repetitive.

Also, are you going to continue making this game or was it just for the game jam?


@pixeltroid: All valid points, but it was the lack of time that forced us to keep things so linear, same and simple. I technically designed the levels in the last three hours, so the levels are not *that* good... but still we got it somewhat playable. ^^'

Either way, I'm not the in charge of this game anymore and @Rusty has taken over. He's made some progress, so be sure to leave him some feedback and suggestions here:

Note that he's doing it from scratch himself, so there might be a lot of changes in gameplay, music, graphics and level design. The concept is the same though.


First off I wanna say,

For three days this is very impressive. Kudos ^_^. I liked the art style and the concept is pretty darn cute man. It's better than what I could muster up in 3 days, thats for sure. You have a real knack for setting up atmosphere.

I know you only had a few days to complete this so I can't really criticize it too much. BUT...

The only real criticism I have is having to re-watch the cutscenes/dialogue every time I died. I really felt that halted the play experience too much.

Other than that, keep up the good work. Keep getting better and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!