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Team Request Revenue-share Topdown pixel artist


Hello, dear community!

Thanks for stopping by! Recently I've been working a lot on a 2D fake 3D top-down shooter project and got a lot of ideas meanwhile and I must say that I am nearly 70% done with the actual game mechanism. I would like to invite a pixel artist to join me because I am really in a need of someone to help me finish this game and contribute more awesome ideas! I am a positive happy and communicative person who loves to work in a team!

If you are interested, please send few "work" previews down below on this topic or PM me.

My website: http://www.borutsdevhub.com/
Actual footage of the project:




Your project seems pretty interesting. I do some pixel art, you can check my work at behance (dot) net (slash) rbatistadelima

Just let me know if you need anything!