Job Offer - Artist [Rev-Share] Seeking Artist and Animator for a WIP



Hey I'm Cregg, and I am from a team called Searchlight Games. Currently we are working on an RPG spell-casting game inspired by Zelda the Minish Cap and the game Lost Magic for the ds. Currently we are nearing the Alpha/prototype stage of development, and even though a lot of our game is complete most of the art in it is either programmer art or stuff from opengameart. Because of that you can tell there is a style clash and tons of other issues art related that could use assistance. Currently our game, The Heartland Saga, looks something like this UI screen a lot of gameplay gifs:

Or you can watch our [outdated]pre-alpha video here for a lengthier description:

The game has been in the works since May with plans to be released in mid-winter.

The position we are seeking is to create static and animated sprites, but mostly enemy and puzzle related. The position will be a paid position based on a predetermined rev-share when the game is released on the windows market as well as itch-io and possibly steam. It is also possible to work out an affordable pay per project. Most of the tiles currently are permanent, and a couple of the characters are at a finished state as well. Otherwise we need help for our monsters, npcs, and main character. We could also use help on UI/GUI at some point.

If you would like to know more about the game you can find more information on our twitter: @SLGamesStudio

Or check out our website:

If you would like to fill this position send us an email at
Please send your portfolio along with it and if we are interested you will see a response.

Thank you!
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