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Team Request [Rev Share]Programmer Needed; Steampunk Abyss Kickstarter

Needed: Programmer; Not required but experience in networking and shaders would be a plus.

Payment: Rev Share. Patreon is our main focus for income at the moment.

Current Team: Bahototh - Pixel Artist, WWWSurfingDinosaur - Composer, Me - Programmer/Designer.

Project Details:
The game is a top down rouge-lite dungeon crawler. Run based progress is made through obtaining mods that change your equipped weapons stats and behaviors as well as learning enemy patterns. Meta-Progress is made by buying upgrades and finding new guns in the Labyrinth. The visual aesthetic is steampunk. We already have most of the systems in alpha state excluding our inventory/unlock system. Most of what remains to be finished is about polish and variety. Game Doc is available upon request to those who are interested in joining the project. I also have a WIP demo posted here! Game doc and other documentation available on request.

About Me:

I have been programming for 12 years, starting when I was twelve years old and my dad began teaching me everything he knew. Two years after learning the basics of C++ and Java I participated in a game dev camp where I first began using Gamemaker Studio. I have worked with it in my spare time for the last ten years. About a year ago I started working on the Steampunk Abyss project. However I was working at the time and progress was slow. That's when I decided I wanted to follow my dream of being an indie dev. I quit and began working on this at least 8 hours a day.

Contact Me:
Discord is best at: VideoGamester#1352
Email: jordanshelton@thevideogamesters.com
You can also respond to the thread directly or start a conversation with me but this is likely slower.
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I really hope you get a artist because I went on the site and those are not great. Good luck mate!
The boss, the Gentleman, is now officially complete. I have also added a few new attack patterns by using my projectile system in a new way. These patterns are burning trails, explosive attacks that spawn additional projectiles, and shots that can pass through specific forms of cover.
I'm a composer / producer and would love to be your music guy!
I can actually send you a stream punk type piece I made if you like ;-)

Best regards,

I'm a composer / producer and would love to be your music guy!
I can actually send you a stream punk type piece I made if you like ;-)

Best regards,


I actually just found the people I needed for the trailer. However I would welcome more help after the Kickstarter launches. I wouldn't mind hearing your style either so if you want to send me the clip we can talk about helping with the project later on. You can email it to me or send it to me on Discord at VideoGamester#1352