Team Request [Rev Share] Pixel Artist Needed for 2D Typing Platformer




Name and Project

My name is JD. I am a solo dev working part time on an educational 2D platformer that teaches typing. It is called ClickClack!


This is my first project. I am pretty new to programming, but I have completed most of the core gameplay mechanics already and feel pretty competent in my abilities to tackle future problems.


As I said above, most of the core mechanics are finished. What is mostly left on the programming side of things is level creation. I have already made a few early levels but plan on adding considerably more. While this is a time consuming process, my relative lack of programming experience should not be much of an issue in level creation. I hope to have the game released early Spring of next year.

Artistic Needs

I would like for the artist to create 2D pixel assets that could be imported into the project. The art style that I am hoping for is simple and geometric, but I am definitely willing to go in a different route if you have other good ideas.


Any money would be through rev share after the game is released. I am willing to discuss how I plan to market the game if you are interested.


Leave a comment if you are interested, and we can further discuss the project through some other platform if you prefer. If you would like to see more, I have a Work in Progress thread on this site. The video above is from my initial post.

Thanks for reading!