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Android / Amazon Fire restore keystore info


I accidentally pressed on Restore defaults in Platform settings for Android. and all the info in the keystore section were reset.
I have the keystore file, but it's useless without the passwords and alias.
my question is: is there any way to recover these informations from the keystore file?


Keystores are designed so that it's infeasible to recover the password from them. That's part of the point of a keystore.

When there's a warning at the bottom of the window saying this:
IMPORTANT! Backup keystore files and info above!
If lost, you cannot submit app updates to Google Play or Amazon
YoYo means it. Take the lesson and keep multiple copies of the keystore and the credentials that go with it as you were told.

There are some ways for trying to recover the password or get around a keystore for app submission:
But there is no guarantee of any of the above to work, given that keystores are designed to be resistant to these when used securely.