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 Resource tree difficult to read



GMS 2 is fantastic, an improvement over GMS 1 in nearly every way.

My only complaint thus far is that in projects with many resources the resource tree is too cluttered and difficult to read.

Here is an example showing GMS 1 vs GMS 2 resource trees:

When you have lots of subfolders (subgroups?) and you open them up the line where the folder ends gets muddled. Having the lines that actually draw out the tree like in GMS 1 would go a long ways for organizing the UI.

Also possibly a bug, but in GMS 1 "deactive_all_but_persistent" shows up before "drawing" group. In GMS 2 it shows up afterward. It seems the alphabetical sorting may have a small bug in it.

Thanks for all of your hard work!



There have been multiple reports on this and this will be changed in a later version I believe they told me when I complained about this.


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Yes we agree, and it's on our list.... No sure when it'll get done though.