Team Request [Resolved] Wanna team up for a miniproject? (Programmer needed)


Hey there! :)
I'm searching for a programmer to work on a miniproject with.
In the following you will find every information necessary.

Who am I?

My name is Sven, I'm 20 yrs old and live in germany.
I'm a hobby-artist and hobby-gamedev - I use asesprite and gamemaker 1.4

What project?

Up until now, there is no idea to what kind of game this is supposed to be. I know that this can give a fishy impression, but the reason behind this being is: I want to build this project up from the bottom with YOU.
I don't want to throw you into some idea you need to be okay with.

I don't have any intention to sell the game, I really just want the team-experience and improve on this project.

What do You need to do/have?

- You need average to good experience in GML (I'd like so reference if possible) (No Drag and Drop)

- You need discord and a headset

- You need to speak fluid english and/or german

- You need to be atleast 16 years old

- You need to be available somewhere in this time-window 03:00 PM - 08:00 CEST
(Here you can lookup your timezone in comparison

Reference to my pixelart


My DeviantArt:
My PiskelJoint:

Those sites exist only since yesterday - please do take this in consideration

I'm interested! Where to contact?

Please do only contact me on discord - I do not read messages really often somwhere else.

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