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[RESOLVED] Possible LGPL violation?

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
GameMaker 4 Mac 7.5 links with the SDL 1.x framework which to my understanding is LGPL which means legally I can ask for the source code to the GM 4 mac runner that I bought is my limited understanding. So hand it over :D


This question is half joking but half serious, if my impression correct, I feel I am entitled to make it support 64 bit with the source code.
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Doesn't sound right to me.
The license allows developers and companies to use and integrate a software component released under the LGPL into their own (even proprietary) software without being required by the terms of a strong copyleft license to release the source code of their own components.
My understanding is that by using the SDL framework they do not have to release the source of the runner (which is the YYG component). But if they did modify the SDL framework code, then they would have to release the source of the SDL framework which they changed:
However, any developer who modifies an LGPL-covered component is required to make their modified version available under the same LGPL license.
That's my understanding anyway.

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
Thank you for the clarification. Darn it. I guess I wont be getting a 64-bit runner with features YoYo removed in studio. lel