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GMS 2.3+ [RESOLVED] It seems my Project was corrupted


Hello ladies and gents!

I swapped my D: drive, an HDD to a second SSD recently, and before doing so I moved my two most developed projects onto a memory stick. I didn't need anything on the old drive, as most of my important programs were saved on my C: drive, a small SSD.
(including my Gamemaker Studio 2 installation).

However, after copying my Project back to my new D: drive, it has come out looking like this...

Rather than what it looked like before the SSD installation:

As you can see, the texture page seems to be appearing over my game, and in addition, all my my menu buttons are grey boxes in place of the sprites they should be. Example:

In addition, the parallax background (stars etc) is missing.

I've checked over all the sprites and the code, and there's no issues with them. The project worked fine before I put it on the USB, but it seems it was corrupted in the transfer.

If anyone has encountered this issue, and/or has any suggestions for me, I'd greatly appreciate any response!

Thanks GMC!


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Kazan Games
I don't know if it seems to be useful, but what if you try to "save the project as" and save it in another folder? You can also try to clear the project cache...
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