Legacy GM [RESOLVED] HELP with Playlist of audio/songs


Something simple that I need but having trouble to implement it. So in my project I have this button, when the button is pressed with the mouse I want audio to start playing and when that audio is finished it would move to the next audio file in line. And when the entire playlist is finished I would like for it to loop back to the first song.

For example we'll just call the audio files Song1 and Song2.
So in this case it would look like this...(From top to button)


(Hits button with mouse)

{Song1 Starts}

{If Song1 is finished play Song2}

{If Song2 is finished restart playlist}


I know you have to use arrays in order to make this work but I'm not entirely sure how to fully construct the whole setup.
If anyone is willing to help me out let me know!! Thanks!
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