[resolved] Contacting yoyo support by email instead of helpdesk?

I recently had a problem with the email address attached to my yoyo help desk account. That has resulted in some kind of error which has locked me out of my help-desk account. Is there alternative way of contacting support?


Agree. Some of us don't have a facebook and twitter. Last time I tried to make a twitter it demanded I hand over my mobile phone number! No thanks!
Thank you. I'm sometimes confused by the layout of yoyogames and help desk sites. In fact I didn't know or had forgotten that the yoyogames and help desk accounts were seperate. But in fact they do seem to be tied to each other somehow, a change to one has caused an error in the other, or vice-versa.


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So you can't use either? If that is the case then please PM me the email you used for the site and I'll see if we can't sort it out for you tomorrow.


In the help menu in GMS there's a Report a Bug entry which takes you to a webpage for bug reporting. Presumably they don't mind if people use it in order to file bugs..
I'm sorry, I wasn't aware until now that additional replies had been made to this thread. I believe the issue is now resolved. Thanks for the help!


Is anyone else having problems with the new humble indie bundle?