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Legacy GM Resolution Issues

I've been working with a partner recently on a game and wanted to add resolution changing, but I think I made the mistake of making the game with the native resolution of 1920x1080. It seems like the most common way to change resolution is for the native resolution to be lower and to scale up to the target resolution, but since the native resolution is 1920x1080, it would have to scale down to provide for a lot of resolutions.

Our game is similar to an idle game, so the view stays relatively fixed and can't be stretched or zoomed like games with rooms larger than the view window. The sprites are hand-drawn and pretty large (64x64 button), so fixing native resolution may lower the quality of the sprites.

Is there a way I can either have the game cleanly lower resolution to fit smaller screens, or fix my native resolution to a size that keeps the sprites looking good?


Fix your native resolution to scale up and not down.
Scaling down always equal in loss of details (less pixels to draw the same thing).
Scaling up your graphics will be intact as long as you scale up by an integer factor (x2, x3, x4, etc)
That's true for pixel art games, but higher res art is fine to scale down. If all your assets are designed for 1920x1080, then it sounds like it would be annoying to scale them all down manually.
My jam games may not be the best and shinest examples, but I always make them at 1920x1080 with art to match and I scale down the surface to match monitors with lower resolutions or if you're playing in windowed mode, and they look completely fine.
What about different aspect ratios like ones for 2560x1080? Since it's much wider, I can't just scale to fit because it would stretch horizontally too much. Would it be best to reorganize the gui and room to fit the aspect ratio?
How common is that of a resolution? Seems a bit of an odd one to me. My system is more about maintaining the current aspect ratio, so any non 16:9 resolution will have black bars to pad out the screen. Which isn't ideal for some people but 1080p and 16:9 are a bit if a current standard so I design everything around that.