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SOLVED Resizing fullscreen window...Resizing swap chain...


I posted this on Reddit yesterday, but nobody seems to know any solution. I scoured the the internet and have found very little posts about it and so I'm posting here. My original post went like this:
Hello! I'm having a very distressing issue with my game, that has left me scratching my head.. For some reason when my game is moving from the menu to another room in fullscreen, I get a white screen and the game appears to be frozen. As soon as I quit I get the resizing swap chain in my output window at least 50 times or so? at the very end of that I also get "Not shutting down steam as it is not initialised," but I don't know if that's relevant.. This only happens when the game is in fullscreen for some reason, when it's not, it goes to the next room without a problem. Can anyone help / offer some advice?