Team Request Requesting Team Members for Rhythm Inferno MUSIC GAME



Rhythm Inferno is a music game being developed in Game Maker Studio 2.
It aims to blend RPG elements with rhythm games. The game's story takes place
on a intergalactic scope. Each planet represents different "factions".
Each faction has their own type of music and cultural norms.
You'll go to planets ruled by dubstep, techno, or maybe even classical.
Some of these factions are not friendly and want to destroy the music of earth.
Defend your planet with your music!

So far, we are a team of concept designers and a Programmer/Music Producer.
We are seeking additional programmers, graphic artists, and music producers to assist with making
this world come to life.

The development is currently unpaid but the game will be a commercial release and is planned to share revenue among the team.
You can download the demo here. You can apply to the development team here.

WSAD - Move Selection/Left Lane
UIO - Confirm, Back, Option/Right lane
Z - Toggle Resolution Size

Thanks for your time!​