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Discussion [REQUEST] Timelines advanced functions

Hi every one... timelines are incredibly useful and I wanted to know if it would be possible to add some feature functions to them.

a) Merge moments through GML code... for example if I add two GML scripts to moment 10 they get merged, just like they can be in the IDE (this would be awesome for creating tweening implementations ;)

b) Control timelines not from a moment (step) perspective but from a delta_time perspective...or even make it possible to select timelines_set_clock(steps/seconds) for example implementing delta time for timelines and let timelines use doubles as moment identifiers.

c) Timeline events... onrepeat, oncomplete

d) And also set the timeline execution direction... so it can be set to backward (from finish to start).

e) timeline_moment_add_script(ind, moment, script, [params]) ... allow to pass params to the script.

I know this can be done creating my own timeline implementation in GML... but once we have it already is just a question of making it more advanced ;)
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for B - I'm a little confused what you're asking for, but timeline_speed might help?
Didn't realize that there was a timeline_speed variable.
I meant add moments as seconds instead of steps.

timeline_set_tick(t_seconds); //this could be set to t_steps or t_seconds
timeline_moment_add_script(my_timeline, 0.3, set_x, [obj_car, 100]);
this would call script set_x with parameters:

[obj_car, 100] ...after 0.3 seconds have passed!
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