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 Request: Refined text traversal in code.



Here is a couple tweaks to key functionality within the code editor that I think would be an improvement, and bring GMS2 closer to a more standardized code editor.

While holding shift to select text, the following keys traverse text as they normally would: shift + { left, right, up, down, page-up, page-down, ctrl+left, ctrl+right, home, end }
  • It would be nice if ctrl+shift+home and ctrl+shift+end actually went to start and end of file, instead of start/end of line.
  • Also, ctrl+up and ctrl+down seem to do nothing, not even traverse lines of code, but ctrl+shift+up/down will traverse lines of code vertically and deselect everything you've highlighted... ctrl+shift+up/down should either also do nothing, or traverse while highlighting. Any of those.

I otherwise love GMS2, these are just some little things that bug me while I work sometimes. I work in other code editors, namely VS Code, so it's hard to just get used to it when VS Code is such a fluid workflow...

What do the rest of you think? Just me?