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 [Request] Object events in resource tree


Matt Johnson

Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I'm new to GMS2, and one thing I'd love to have is the ability to go directly to my code for an object's event from the resource tree.

I find it difficult to figure out which currently open code tab is which, so if I could use the resource tree to get there directly, it would help me work much faster!


nobody important
GMC Elder
We are looking to allow you to open all objects events into a code window/full screen tab that is named as the object - probably via a right click or something. This will probably do what you're after.
(no time frame yet)


This sounds really good, Mike. Could improve the workflow on small resolution screens so much. Looking forward to it. :)


nobody important
GMC Elder
We might allow the "default" double click to do this as well.... Meaning if you want to open the object you can do so via the "right click->properties" window.
I suspect we'll also allow you to add new events via the full screen editing on an existing event, so much of the time you might not even have to go to the object.

again..... no idea when, but certainly on our list.