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replace image_angle


Jim Smith

can anyone write a chunk of code that does what image_angle does ?


You can use draw_sprite_ext and use a variable for the 'rot'. (Alternative for image_angle)

I don't see why you need code for image_angle, but if you really need some, you may have to look into shaders (I think). ;)

Joe Ellis

Create a primitive. Rotate it. Draw the primitive.

Taking a shot in the dark.
Yeah doing that would work better than using the standard image_angle (but more complicated, your basically creating a 2d billboard) but it depends what kind of graphics your game is, if its pixel art rotating should be avoided completely, but sprites with smooth antialaising would look better this way cus if you have filtering enabled it will blend nicer and if you used anisotropic filtering it would blend even better when scaling down
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